Soul of Steel


Customer Day Extrusion: Kind & Co. meets key Italian extrusion industry players

Kind & Co. was very happy to host relevant Italy-based extrusion companies (machinery, brass / copper / aluminum extrusion) for a very special day at the Kind & Co. headquarter in Wiehl Bielstein / Germany, on April 17, 2018. The interesting program included vivid discussions on steel solutions and exchange on Kind & Co. experience in extrusion tooling design and optimisation, graced by a detailed plant tour.

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Kind & Co.'s and GS Tooling's mutual future

With effect from 1 October 2016 Kind & Co. acquires the company “GS Tooling GmbH” which is located in Gummersbach, just 10 km of the location of Kind & Co. The acquisition allows Kind & Co. to integrate the pre machining of 3D contours and deep-hole drilling to the production process of Kind & Co. The new subsidiary of Kind & Co., Edelstahlwerk, GmbH & Co. KG operates under the name of “KC GS Tooling GmbH”.

Acquire of Lake Park Tool & Machine Inc.

Kind & Co., Edelstahlwerk, GmbH & Co. KG has acquired Lake Park Tool & Machine Inc. of Youngstown, Ohio. The acquisition was effective on January 04, 2016. The company is named “Lake Park Tool & Machine, LLC”. The acquisition allows for Kind & Co. to increase the presence in the American extrusion industry. Customers will be able to profit from the collective know-how and capabilities of both companies.

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Commissioning of a 3,000 tons forging press

Kind & Co. has commissioned a new forging press. With a maximum pressing force that now reaches 3,000 t, the ingots that are melted in the factory, can be more efficiently forged into round bars, flat bars and discs. This modern unit replaces the previous 2,000 t forging press that had since 1973, reliably produced more than 1 million tons of high-grade forged metal parts.

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Kind & Co. takes the biggest evacuated, horizontal nitriding tempering furnace in operation which was ever built

The more than 35 years of experience in the vacuum hardening of steel has made this process a trademark of Kind & Co. The new nitriding tempering furnace AN2 – with a batch weight of 7 t –was put into operation in August 2015 and operates as the perfect partner for the large vacuum hardening furnace VA5. In addition to a significant increase in capacity, this new investment offers the possibility to deal with very large or several finished components simultaneously & optimally, in an inert atmosphere. Due to the increased operating temperature of 850°C, annealing with any inert gas or vacuum is possible.

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