Bachelors/Masters degree

Right from the start, we will actively integrate you in ongoing projects. This means that you will not just get to know theoretical content. On the contrary, you will get an in-depth insight into the day-to-day business of our company. We will make available a staff member as your contact to provide optimum support, advice and assistance.

Dual study programme

A dual study programme is an ideal combination of theory and practice. Experienced colleagues support and accompany you in taking the first steps of your working life. You transition various departments in our company, learn to take on responsibility and consolidate your talents and strengths. Depending on the main area of training that you choose, you will study at a selected university of applied sciences.


School student placements

Within the scope of our school cooperation schemes, we offer a number of placement options in different age classes. In technical fields in particular, school students will get an interesting insight in our teaching workshop, for example. In the commercial field too, there are numerous opportunities to gain an insight into purchasing, sales and human resources.

Practical student training courses

Within the scope of their compulsory practical work placements (which generally last six-weeks), we offer students of engineering and other specialisations the opportunity to acquire the knowledge that is demanded by universities and universities of applied sciences.

Student placements

Are you interested in getting experience in your field of study? Do you want to get to know practical aspects as well as theoretical ones? We will be glad to help you do this. You can find placement offers on our online portal. We also welcome unsolicited applications.

Temporary student jobs

Students can also apply as temporary staff in our company. You can find these offers on our online portal. If no jobs are advertised there, we welcome unsolicited applications. Sometimes applications result in interesting projects that can be genuinely profitable both for you and for us.

Oberberg study fund

We offer a grant to fund selected students of Cologne University of Applied Sciences and, in addition, offer them the opportunity to get practical experience in various different departments of our company.