Technology: Melting


Ingot production at the highest level

Due to our special inductive melting technology, we are in a position to produce customer-oriented batch sizes. After primary melting, the steel is further-processed into ingots on a tailor made basis by means of vacuum induction treatment, ladle treatment and bottom pouring. These ingots are one of the foundations of our further process chain.

In addition to ingots, we use the same process chain to manufacture electrodes, in particular premium grade ones, which are further refined using electro-slag-remelting (ESR).

The electro-slag-remelting (ESR) process produces flat bars with the highest levels of purity and a uniform solidification microstructure across the entire flat bar width and length.

We have available two facilities for this process that allow us to manufacture electro-slag-remelting (ESR) flat bars with a diameter of up to 1,000 mm, weighing a maximum of 24 t.