Extrusion Relining Centre

The way to a new “inside”

One of the core tools in an extruding press is the container. Its main job is to remain as uniformly cylindrical as possible during extrusion. On a constructive basis, this job is implemented by means of a multi-part shrinkage compound. The extrusion container must be adapted appropriately to match the press material and temperature.

Relining always starts with an inspection of the shrinkage compound. At the initial inspection, we stringently and extensively inspect the container. To do this, we carry out various non-destructive material tests, like magnetic particle testing for possible flaws, loss of hardness measurement, dimensional as well as heating inspections. We store our results in a database to discuss them with our customer. This personal contact is worthwhile: The feedback often results in technical improvements, leading to better container performance.

Cooperate with us to achieve the goal of avoiding unplanned standstills in your extruding press!