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Extrusion is a metal hot forming process that is used to manufacture full or hollow sections, wires or tubes. Aluminium, copper, brass and steels or special steels are mainly used for extrusion. However, special materials are also used like titanium, zirconium or silver solder, for example.

Due to our high manufacturing depth from melting to ready-to-use forged products and our wealth of experience in extrusion, we offer complete solutions to our customers of the extrusion industry.

Based on tool technology, we supply appropriate hot-work tool steels for all the metals that you want to inject under pressure. Depending on the technical requirements and forming temperatures of the metals, we consult with our customers to recommend a wide variety of different hot-work steels. If the requirements of the tool are particularly demanding, we use premium grades from our own steel development programme. In addition to selecting the correct steel, we provide support to the design of the tool technology in the form of FEM analyses and simulations.

Additional services for you

In addition, as a service provider we operate a relining centre for containers. We consider each container to be a "patient" that is cared for over its complete lifecycle and whose deviations or irregularities we document. We use this experience to carry out ongoing improvements in cooperation with our customers.

Another service that we offer is damage analysis of worn tools or ones that have failed prematurely. In our analyses, we use established destructive and non-destructive test procedures.