Soul of Steel


Certification according to “Buero of Indian Standards 3748:1990”

According to the Indian Legislation, material deliveries from Germany have to be approved through the Indian Government by the accreditation BIS 3748:1990.

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Participation at the Euroguss 2022 in Nuernberg, Germany (08 - 10 June 2022)

Finally the trade fair Euroguss 2022, which was postponed from January 2020 due to pandemic situation, could take place in Nuernberg.

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Enhancement of marketing activities

Kind & Co. took the opportunity to improve the marketing activities during the time of pandemic.

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Commissioning of an 8 ton forging manipulator / Expansion to one of the most modern open-die forges

Following the installation of the 30 ton forging manipulator for the large 3,000 ton forging press in early 2019, another manipulator was commissioned for use on the 1,000 ton forging press in January 2020.

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Commissioning of a 30 ton forging manipulator

After a new press was commissioned at Kind & Co. in January 2016 (see article Commissioning of a 3,000 ton forging press), it was only logical to replace the 25 t forging manipulator after 23 years of operation.

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