Largest container in the company's history

At the beginning of 2013 Kind & Co., Edelstahlwerk received a huge order for a set of toolings for several extrusion lines from a reputable German plant manufacturer. One of these sets included the manufacturing of two container for one of the biggest Chinese extrusion line with a power of 16.000 t.

In June 2014 the order has been successfully completed. The largest container in more than 125 years of Kind & Co. history have been delivered to the plant manufacturer.

Main technical data of the container:

  • Total dimensions: Ø 2350 / 615 X 2750 mm and Ø 2350 / 735 X 2750 mm
  • 3-piece design (mantle, intermediate liner, inner liner)
  • 4-zone resistance heating system (420 kW)
  • 2-zone air-cooling-system with air-protection-system
  • Weight: more than 80 t per container