Commissioning of an 8 ton forging manipulator / Expansion to one of the most modern open-die forges

Following the installation of the 30 ton forging manipulator for the large 3,000 ton forging press in early 2019, another manipulator was commissioned for use on the 1,000 ton forging press in January 2020.

This 8 ton forging manipulator is also a high quality product of the company GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH, which can handle a range of dimensions of up to 8 t blocks with a length of max. 5 m or with 4.5 t blocks with a length of up to 9 m.

This manipulator is also fully integrated with the press control system and can be operated fully automatically hand in hand with the press.

With this investment, Kind & Co. rounds off its manufacturing capabilities in the open-die forging sector and offers a wide range of options in the dimension and weight range on state-of-the-art forging aggregates accompanied by the most innovative open-die forging.